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Kindness isn't weakness

A few months ago, COVID-19 stopped the world. Since then, our society has faced not only the uncertainty brought by this situation, but also the pain and unrest brought by the complex layers of inequality.

We’ve all been hit hard one way or another and are having to re-plan the year, revisit our goals, reconstruct our dreams. My New Year’s resolution was to face my fears with kindness and courage. This has never been more relevant.

It takes a lot of courage to be kind to ourselves and to others. It takes courage and trust to not allow the pressures of society to overwhelm our lives. It takes courage to set boundaries for how much work we take on, and how much time we spend with those who really matter. It takes courage to climb the high mountains that we haven’t climbed before. It takes kindness and courage to have peace within the storms of life, to continue to blossom despite the winds. As you go through the rest of the year, remember:

Choose kindness. Choose courage. It is brave to be kind.

“When I was young I admired cleverness. Now that I am old I find that I admire kindness more.” Heschel


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