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Stressed out?

Birds chirping. The soft sound of hustling leaves. The sun delicately greeting all nature to a new day of life. As I stepped outside for the first time, I remembered the magical feeling of waking up to this kind of peace. I had lived in a big city for so long I had simply forgotten the small pleasures of country life.

And so it goes. We get settled in our routines and when we least expect it, we’re craving the beach again, or the mountains, or just some quiet space where there are no demands on our time. We, human beings, often seek the sublime, the ineffable—those experiences that we can’t translate into words. When we can’t go to nature to recharge ourselves, we often resort to videos and pictures of beautiful places, to sound recordings, to art.

With this in mind, we’re bringing you a gift. A package of calm and peace, a 5-minute de-stressor of sorts. Every Friday for the next 5 weeks, you'll be able to enjoy these beautiful images and have a glimpse of the sublime (click above to watch the first one). The images you'll see and the sounds you'll hear are meant to take you to that ineffable place, even if just for a few minutes. It was made with much love, really thinking of how much the world needs this right now.

I know that I can’t solve all of the world’s issues alone. No one can. But we can all play a part. Everyday, I really do try to ask myself the question, “what can I do to make the world around me a little bit better?” If each of us decide to put a little good into our surroundings, I believe the ripple effects of goodness will surge through the whole world.

"The sublime is that which we see and are unable to convey. It is the silent allusion of things to a meaning greater than themselves." A. J. Heschel


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