Ever since she was a little girl Michelle was enchanted by music. Growing up in Brazil, her parents encouraged her to take piano lessons, to participate in church choirs and musical ensembles, as well as to sing along with her mom and sister. 


It wasn't until her family moved to the U.S., however, that she realized that her interests converged into one particular area: music composition.  A little shy, it was only in her mid-twenties that Michelle started to write her musical ideas down, to develop them into songs and instrumental pieces, and slowly share them with family and friends. She went on to receive a Bachelor of Music in Classical 


Raised in a Christian home, Michelle has always had a deep interest in multiple music styles as well as in the interaction of theology, faith, human behavior, and social issues.  She realized that music was the perfect instrument to converge all of these interests into a life pursuit that could impact society positively. The melding of these influences can be clearly heard in her melodies and is powerfully reflected in her poetry.

Using a musical language that is inspired by her diverse background, Michelle blends her Brazilian roots with jazz, folk, classical, pop, and CCM, creating an eclectic yet extremely cohesive soundscape that appeals to the intellect while enveloping the heart.  Michelle unites the power of elegant and approachable music to gentle, yet profound lyrics. Michelle's upcoming EP, The Present, reveal the many facets of its theme with thought-provoking topics, questioning how a society that sings "All We Need is Love" responds to the issues of the past, the challenges of the present-future, and the presence of God in a fast-paced and ever more secular world. 

Michelle believes that there is power in human interaction and in sharing our stories as gifts that empower one another to dare to live our fullest potential.  The Present, then, is more than beautiful music--it is a vulnerable rendition of her own story of victory through pain and faith through doubt, revealing in each song the tales of so many others. It is an open dialogue that intends to connect; an invitation to share our deepest fears and desires; an encouragement to an identity full of meaning and purpose.

Michelle's mission in the world includes to elevate people's hearts and minds to the ineffable, using music to create a vision of a world that is so full of Love that we would always want to choose to love back. 

Michelle is married to Emerson, God's gift to her and the love of her life. They currently live in Mississippi. 

Composition, under professor Joelle Wallach, and a Master of Music in Jazz Studies Composition, under professor 
Richard De Rosa, both at the University of North Texas, being honored with student awards by the prestigious Downbeat Magazine.

Illustrations by Helena Melo. Photography by Starling and Sage.
Additional photography by Michelle Alonso.
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