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Do you feel forgotten?

It seems that our dear friend Corona has brought with it more than the fear of death—it has unwrapped the curious fear of togetherness. Almost as common as the #stayathome posts have been the comic memes about surviving the folks at home.

It’s when we gather together that harsh words have their deepest impact and cut through our souls; when inattentive indifference keeps people worlds apart yet in the same space; that we feel forgotten while standing right in front of those we love.

Deep down, we all fear being forgotten.

This fear of forgetfulness—and its counterpart, the desire to remember and to be remembered—seems to be imprinted in human nature.

We see it carefully crafted in the monumental buildings of the world, hiding in the exquisite artwork of the lavish museums and cathedrals across cultures, whispering in the pictures we take.

We don’t have to travel far to see it. It’s right inside every single one of us—and this pandemic has brought it right up to the surface.

Perhaps some of us might be reluctant to be home because from time to time our loved ones may forget to lend us an encouraging word or forget our special days; perhaps they’ll forget to give us a little of their dedicated time; perhaps they’ll forget to reciprocate our kindness, along with our hugs and kisses. Perhaps they’ll forget to forgive us when we ourselves forget. As you see, it can become a vicious cycle. But what if we decide to forget our fears?

Let’s not let our loved ones get lost in our piles of “to-dos.” Today, I want to encourage you to remember. Remember to be kind. To give an encouraging word. To be silly and laugh with your child. To read an inspiring book; take up drawing again. To call those loved ones you haven’t talked to in a while. To be with the one you love and remember your journey so far. Above all, remember to forgive.

Give yourself and those around you some grace.

After all, we all forget to remember sometimes.


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