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Compassion Caravan

Did you know that all of the sales of my physical CDs go to Compassion Caravan? This is a project that I admire so much! It was started by a friend of mine and it takes free health care to families in remote villages in Togo. We helped over 200 families last year! As soon as we have made enough sales, we'll organize another event and help hundreds more! Read on to find out how it all started.

It was around 1997.

The coolest news in school that year had a name: Leiza Augsburger. She had just moved to Brazil from Switzerland, spoke I-don’t-know-how-many-languages, had a style all her own, and was an absolutely fearless, intelligent 15-or-so year old. Her presence was serene and vibrant. She had amazing miming abilities and she made friends with everyone. As time went by I found her to be deeply caring, one of those rare, beautiful old souls who was willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Fast-forward 15 years. Leiza and I kept in touch sparingly, but I kept watching the unrolling of her life from Facebook distance. She moved to Togo and started to work for ADRA there, a Christian humanitarian organization. She married a doctor. Eventually, they started to use their vacation money to fund trips to go to the remote villages of Togo taking medication and first aid kits to help those who could never make it to a clinic. “Many people end up dying for lack of simple, cheap medication”, I remember her saying.

Of course. Because that’s how most people would appropriate their vacation money... right?!

I kept on admiring Leiza. I promised my broke musician self that one day I’d donate something. I thought about doing a benefit concert, but I’m not a known musician, so, I felt like I couldn’t really help. But truth is, a little goes a long way.

When I released The Present I decided this was the time. I wanted to help this beautiful woman who has dedicated her life for the benefit of others, even if it wasn’t with much.

I decided that every physical copy sold goes to Compassion Caravan, this project that started with my dear friend’s vacation money years ago. I sincerely hope this grows and grows! We need more people like this, more projects like this.

In 2019 over 200 people got free health and dental care through the sales of The Present! Leiza partnered with another organization in Togo and people from all backgrounds and ages were helped. I can’t wait for us to make another of these healing trips happen again. I still have a few hundred physical copies that will help hundreds, if not thousands more people have access to medical care. Go to the store and order yours today!


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