go, tell the world
that life is so much more beautiful 
for those who learn

Learn to leave 
worries and rush behind
Learn to live 
the rhythm of life’s deep blue skies and carefree 


Go spread your wings
Show that in your fragile beauty 
you have flown the skies

Hummingbird tell the world
That life takes time 
and time takes patience 
Patience makes peace
And piece by piece 
we live a life that is 
worth living


I don’t want to forget

this road I’ve travelled on

How to dismiss the marks

the scars that thread my heart?


As I walked through the valley

As I wandered through fear

As a pilgrim with no land

As I found faith in doubt



Your embrace of justice

covered all the pain, the pride

my past no longer can dictate

who I'll become

Mercy nailed my heart

and all the bruises of my soul

became the signs

of restoration of a child


No, I will not forget

this road I’ve travelled on

How to dismiss the scars

that let me to Your heart?


As I walk in Your footsteps

I’m no longer afraid

In Your arms I’ve discovered

Scars amended by Grace


And what if compassion

and mercy

and justice

lived among us?

and what if protection 

and courage

and peace

were not three but one?


and what if grace

was not distant

and hope just a door-knock


What would you do

with this present,

with the Present One?

oh, what would you do

with this present,

with the Present One?


And what if forgiveness

and freedom

and strength

were stamped in a smile?

and what if all truth

and all power


caused no need to hide?


And what if the essence

of living

was packed in a seed

called Love?


How would you live

in the present

with the Present One?

oh, how would you live

in the present

with the Present One?

What is what we need

is better soil

not better seed?

How would this world be

if we would let

our hearts grow



In Your presence

I wanna dwell

in Your presence

I wanna be forever more

I wanna shine the light

of Your face for all to see


So we may know that

only You are God

so we may see that 

You are real


May the light

of Your love

shine on me

shine on me

May Your goodness

and Your grace

light my soul

light my soul


Through Your presence

restore my soul

through Your presence

come mold my heart

to be like Yours

please, shine the light of life

on my face for all to see


So we may know

the strength of Your power

so we may see the breadth

of Your glory

If Your presence is not with us

Lord, we can't go on

for there's nothing

but Your presence

that sets us apart


May Your grace 

fill our souls

May Your love

make us whole

May Your peace

give us hope

May Your heart

be our home


Then I will sing

that You are good

I will testify 

You are merciful

I will praise Your great name

and of Your Love

Let my life be 



You give freedom and life

You are truth, You are light

You give us a new heart

You bring us side by side

May my life be overflow,

Overflow of You

Não quero me esquecer 

da estrada que trilhei

das marcas da ilusão

talando o coração


Caminhei pelo vale 

e por sombras andei

imigrei sem destino

eu da fé duvidei


Envolveste meu passado 

em Tua justiça 

e o que foi de mim 

não tem que ser 

o que há de ser

Me cravaste 

com o marco 

da misericórdia 

e sem merecimento 

me fizeste filho


Não vou me esquecer 

da estrada que trilhei

dos marcos de Tuas mãos

me dando direção!


Caminhando em Teus passos

eu não tenho temor

descobri que em Teus braços

fui marcado com amor


Illustrations by Helena Melo. Photography by Starling and Sage.
Additional photography by Michelle Alonso.
© 2019. Michelle Alonso. All Rights Reserved.